Brain Cancer was devastating. Brain surgery was amazing!

Brain Cancer was devastating. Brain surgery was amazing!

“Look who finally got their driver’s license reinstated!! He is SO HAPPY! He hasn’t been able to drive since October 2017, when he had the seizure and we discovered he had a brain tumor.”

“It’s still hard to comprehend everything that happened. Its been a very emotional journey. We had to come to terms with the fact that Derek had an inoperable stage Ill malignant brain tumor with only 1-2 years to live …. to ending up at a hospital in New York with only 3 days left with insurance coverage with Blue Cross for a miraculous surgery that gave him his life back.”

“100% tumor resection, we had been told, was never even a possibility. But an MRI confirmed that Derek is still in the clear and there is no recurrence of the tumor! Its crazy!”

“If you (or anyone you know) is EVER in need of a Neurosurgeon who genuinely cares and is an absolute genius, Dr. Nitin Mariwalla is your man.”

— Tamara, Derek’s wife