About Louis John Nkrumah, MD, PhD

About Louis John Nkrumah, MD, PhD

Dr. Nkrumah brings expertise in head and neck surgery, cranial and skull-base surgery, and spine surgery; with advanced expertise in complex and minimally invasive spine surgery including spinal robotics and endoscopic spine surgery.

At Yale University, he completed his undergraduate education and was a recipient of numerous honors including the coveted David Everett Chandler Prize for exemplifying courage, strength of character and high moral purpose throughout his academic career. He subsequently completed his MD and PhD at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he earned the prestigious Dean’s Recognition Award for representing “exceptional academic and clinical performance, personal attributes…and potential for future contributions to medicine, science and patient care.”

He trained in ear, nose, and throat surgery at Johns Hopkins University prior to his residency in neurological surgery at Emory University. He completed fellowship training in complex and minimally invasive spine surgery at the Virginia Mason Neuroscience Institute in Seattle. As an attending neurosurgeon, Dr. Nkrumah treated complex spinal pathology and championed the use of minimally invasive, endoscopic and robotic techniques personally tailored towards each patient’s needs. He has a stellar reputation and we look forward to benefiting from his unique contributions to our community.

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Dr. Nkrumah is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgery, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, and the Scoliosis Research Society. He remains active in teaching and research, with dozens of publications, involvement in academic conferences, and collaboration with other neurosurgeons around the country. Defined by incredible diligence to his craft, Dr. Nkrumah earns respect from his peers and love from his patients, maintaining a profound presence in the world of neurosurgery.

Fluent in multiple languages, Dr. Nkrumah enjoys sports, martial arts, travel, and outdoor activities with family and friends. He is excited to reunite with former colleagues and to create new collaborations here in New York.

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Dr. Nkrumah has a five-star rating on healthgrades.
Below, a few excerpts from patient reviews:

“I had a cervical disk replacement…The whole process felt like I was talking with a old friend who is really smart. All the symptoms I had are now gone, and Dr. Nkrumah made himself available for questions at any time.”

—Matthew C – Aug 28, 2020

“I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. Dr. Nkrumah … used the latest techniques. … He was very patient with my questions, honest, humble and empathetic. I think he’s top notch.”

—T. Mothe – Aug 05, 2020

“I had a Malformation in my brain. Dr. Nkrumah was friendly—he kept it real with me. …I wouldn’t change this doctor for any other.”

—Alberto – Jul 24, 2020